About I2E

Startups offer an unprecedented opportunity for positive wealth generation for individuals & society. The objective of I2E is to help founders understand startups as an asset class and its lifecycle until the point of exit.

We understand that founders having access to such curated knowledge & network early on in their startup journeys lays the foundation to set them and their organisations on a path of good growth & long term outcomes.

Should you wish to be a part of the I2E network, click the link below.

Knowledge Series

We host regular knowledge series live sessions through our Youtube channel (read TV). You can add upcoming live series to your calendar from here.

Our first KS - "Meet the founder" focus on founder journeys where we discuss about their starting up stories, finding co-founders, current stage, customers and more.

Slack Channel

Founders exchange and partner interactions are facilitated through an invite only slack channel.

Partner Network

One of our core pillars is our partner network. Curated partners in our network derive value through exploring co-creation and partnership opportunities and by leveraging the power of network connections. Partner network sessions (masterclass) happen on a monthly basis.